American Red Cross

Managing You User Profile

When you login to CAN, the User Profile manages all your account information:

  • Password (including reset)
  • Security Question (and answer)
  • Email Address (including updates)
  • User Name

Users are not able to change their Affiliated Agency. As a policy new user accounts are issued whenever a user changes Agency Affiliation.


Users select a password when a user account is created. The system requirements for selecting a password are:

  • must be at least eight characters long
  • must contain at least one upper, one lower and one numeric character
  • must contain at least one special character. (eg. -, +, !, &, #, $, or ?)
  • cannot contain spaces

To change a password, select the Reset Password button at the bottom of the User Profile when logged in.

If users are unable to login, password resets are also available when a login fails or from the Registration, Login, and Password Help link on the left-hand menu of most CAN Recovery Tools pages. This feature allows users to change it at anytime without contacting Technical Support.

Users must know the answer to their Security Question to complete the password reset process.

Passwords are no longer emailed to users. Please take a moment and write down the selected password once the account is created.

Understanding The ‘Security Question’

The Security Question protects your online identity with CAN by storing the answer to a pre-selected question only you would know. Selecting a Security Question and answer is done when the account is created and may be changed at any time.

  1. Login and navigate to the User Profile [top menu].
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Security Information area.
  3. Select Reset Security Question and follow onscreen instrucitons.

Write down the answer to your Security Question. You will need the answer to this question if you ever forget your password.

What is a ‘Non-Unique’ Email Address?

All email addresses associated with a user account must be unique and only associated with a single Active or Closed account. Users are encouraged to use their agency’s email address as opposed to a free email account such as Google or HotMail.

This verification process is initiated the first time a user logs in with a non-verified email address.

Keep User Account Information Updated

Contact information, including email address and phone number, must be kept current to assist other participants contact you regarding your clients should the need arise.

To access your User Profile:

  1. After logging in, select User Profile on the top horizontal menu on most CAN Recovery Tools pages.
  2. When the form loads, please update and correct all data fields with current information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
  3. Select Update (bottom of page) to save updates. A confirmation message will display with successful changes marked in green.
  • Missing required fields or form errors will be highlighted in red. Follow the onscreen instructions to make any needed corrections.
  • If you completed all required information, you will see a confirmation of your updates highlighted in green (top of page.)
  • Users should notify CAN when they leave or change agencies by using the Support Request Form at